The Museum of Contemporary Art


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade finally opened its doors to the public in 2017. After ten years of reconstruction, art fans finally have a chance to enjoy it again. All were very excited because of that. And how would they not? One of Belgrade’s top cultural sights is available again. A real treasure of 20th-century art. Due to its shape, architecture, and location, it got the nickname “crystal at the confluence”. This is a treat for all tourists.

The history of the museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art was first founded in 1958. It was designed by two architects- Ivanka Raspopović and Ivan Antić. Their project included six crystal-formed cubic modules.  Moreover, their original idea was to multiply those modules in the future. However, it did not happen. Why? Nobody knows.


The combination of glass, concrete, and white marble on the facade gave this building a nice look. On the very confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, the museum started with work in 1965. The initial idea was to convert the outside area into a museum quarter. Unfortunately, it was never realized. Since 1987 this building belongs to the register of cultural assets of Belgrade.

Furthermore, the museum holds a respectable position in Europe. It is also popular among international museums of modern and contemporary art.

An ideal location

As we have already mentioned, the museum location is unique. Its surrounding is a blend of a natural and urban landscape. It is full of greenery, water, trees, a children’s playground. For all skaters, there is a skate park. Some people love to walk, run, or do exercise there. This part of Belgrade is great for that.


The breeze and tranquility of this place will help you escape the city crowd. Briefly, at least. It is also a nice walk away from the center. Only 25-30 minutes on foot. Along the way, you can enjoy a nice view of the Brankov bridge and take a walk along the Sava river. Or you can just sit on a bench and take a rest. Kalemegdan fortress will appear across you, so you can see this beauty from the other part of the city. You will be amazed, trust us.

Inside the Museum of Contemporary Arts

One of the most unique features of the Museum of Contemporary Art is its interior. When you enter the building, you will have an impression of being in some futuristic movie. It is fluid, abundant in natural light. It lacks walls. As a result, visitors can walk through all the five semi-levels. More importantly, without losing the flow of the entire exhibition. Interesting, isn’t it?

Interior spaces have a natural zenith light by the skylights on the beveled roof. This clever intervention solves the problem of the lighting of the exhibition space. At the same time, it defines the form of the building as a crystal. White marble and glass as a facade clad create a neat final aesthetic expression.


Departments of the museum

The museum has several departments and collections. Each of them has something to offer, too. There is something for everyone.

Today it has more than 8300 works. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos… The museum’s collection provides the achievements of post-war art in the former Yugoslavia. Those are also very valuable for our culture. They are such a delight!

Furthermore, the collection of the museum also has several subcollections:

  • paintings from 1900 to 1945;
  • paintings after 1945;
  • sculptures;
  • prints and drawings;
  • new art media (photography, film, video, etc.).

In the possession of the museum, there are also 3 spaces. The Colakovic legacy, Gallery of Petar Dobrovic, and The Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The first two mentioned are must-visit places. Especially if you are interested in Serbian and Yugoslav art. On the other hand, the Salon exhibits artworks from local and foreign artists. It also presents the latest trends in visual arts, mainly solo exhibitions.


Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art because it will introduce you to original, creative, and often experimental works of art. All of them have gained international recognition. Mainly for their greatness. This museum is essential for any art lovers visiting Serbia.

However, take into consideration the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. We advise you to stay informed. Follow the official website for more information. Stay tuned and enjoy the content we have prepared for you in the News section.

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