The Museum of Cars in Belgrade.. a unique collection!



The Museum of Car in Belgrade, the collection of Bratislav Petkovic, is the youngest in a number of technical museums in Serbia. The founders of the Museum are the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and Bratislav Petković, the owner of a collection of historically significant cars and archival material about the development of automotive in our country.

By converting the Modern Garage into the Car Museum, one of the basic principles of the protection of cultural monuments is met: use the monument only for purposes close to the original purpose.
The headquarters of the Museum is in a building called Modern Garage declared a cultural asset and is a characteristic monument of the technical culture of the time in which it was created.

Desiring to be more than a collection of historical cars, because the car is an invention that contains all inventions of humanity – from those of the earliest, such as fire or wheel, to the most advanced ones, which contain microprocessors – the museum organizes recording educational shows and films, lectures, scenic events and other suitable forms of cultural and educational activity in order to popularize the history of automotive. It has become a gathering place for legends of automotive, lover and museum car collectors.

The founder of the Car Museum, Bratislav Petković, has a collection of about 100 cars, of which half is in the museum building. The collection contains old and rare cars, which have a special significance for getting to know the development and technical progress of automotive in our country and in the world, as well as for the history of automotive in this region in the XX century.

The museum has accompanying equipment: wheels, trumpets, fanboards, radios, tools, driving licenses, posters, commercials, license plates, first traffic regulations and laws. The Museum also contains a collection of photographs, documents, old tools and equipment, as well as thousands of titles of libraries, showcases with personal belongings of Sreten Kostic, the first driver in Serbia, old gas stations, among which is the title “In the case of blind driver” by Boža Tvrdišić.

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