The match of Serbia and Switzerland at the World Cup.. who will win?


Match of decision for both teams..
As the Friday and match of Serbia and Switzerland at the World Cup are closing, bookmakers around the globe change their odds and give preference to “eagles”!
Before the start of the Mondial, Switzerland was almost favorable to almost all of the bookmakers in relation to Serbia, both in the fight for the second place and in the mutual duel.

However, it seems that a very good game of “eagles” against Costa Rica (1: 0) has led to more and more payouts to their victory against Switzerland, which makes bookmakers in all world bookmakers lower their quota, so that the victory of Serbia would be less costly.
The match between Serbia and Switzerland is played on Friday at 20:00 in Kaliningrad.

The match Serbia – Switzerland is of great importance for both teams. Serbia secures participation in the second round, in the knockout stage, and Switzerland’s victory, and even with a draw, comes close to passing in the eighth finals.

Switzerland has an extremely experienced team that has played together for a long time, have a great selector and only once lost in the previous 23 matches, not counting the defeat at the European Championship two years ago.

However, the national team of Serbia does not think about the game at a single point because it would very likely be inadequate for the pass to the next stage.

It will be a tough game, but we all believe in our national team, because it went well into the competition, it was seen against Costa Rica, because it was a good, competitive, hard and solid match. Switzerland is expecting a similar game against Serbia but people think that Serbia can be even better, firmer and more aggressive.  It’s a great opportunity for Serbia to go against Switzerland and show its strength.

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