The King of Spanish Flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo will open the 20th Guitar Art Festival



20. Guitar Art Festival: Vicente Amigo
The King of Spanish Flamenco, the world’s best flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo, will open the 20th Guitar Art Festival on March 12 at 20.30 in the Kombank Hall.

In his career, Vicente Amigo (Vicente Amigo) visited Belgrade several times, and the previous two concerts were a sale. After exactly ten years, Amigo returns to Belgrade, and it will be an opportunity for the audience to premiere the tracks from the current album “Memoria de los sentidos”.

This is the album where Amiga returned to its traditional flamenco roots and brought together top flamenco artists such as Potito, El Pele, Miguel Poveda, Pedro el Granaino and Niña Pastori. With this album, he paid tribute to his teacher and friend, Paku de Lucia, by the number “Requiem”.

Vicente Amigo is now considered the world’s best flamenco guitarist and authentic successor to the great Pacco de Lucia, who himself stands out as his greatest role model.

Amigo has so far released eight studio albums and participated in a number of releases, and in addition to superior technique, he distinguishes contemporariity in musical expression, through which he successfully crosses the genre boundaries, gaining a reputation among the broad audience.

In addition to the highly successful albums “Ciudad de las Ideas” and “Un Momento en el Sonido”, the audience remembers Amiga and from the very popular “Flamenco Chill” compilation.

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