The home of Jevrem Grujic is a unique house-museum of art and history

The Jevrem Grujic House, sponsored by the City of Belgrade, was opened in Svetogorska 17.

The home of Jevrem Grujic is a unique house-museum of art, history, diplomacy and the avant-garde, which preserves an art collection collected over two and a half centuries of the tradition of a diplomatic family.

At the Jevrem Grujic House, visitors can see works by the most prominent Serbian painters: Paja Jovanovic, Uros Predic, Steve Todorovic, Uros Knezevic, Arsenije Petrovic, Zora Petrovic, Ivan Tabakovic, Djordje Krstic, sculptures, stylish furniture, weapons from the First and Second Serbian Uprising , including the Hajduk Veljka rifle, art objects, as well as rich archival material, all in the authentic ambience of a 19th-century town villa.

The permanent exhibition “Masterpiece of Jevrem Grujić” for the first time featured the work of Steve Todorovic, a portrait of Queen Natalia, which has never been exhibited in public before, and which the authors call the setting also “Serbian Mona Lisa”.

One of the most attractive exhibits is a gilded chest of bronze and crystals, a wedding gift from King Milan and Queen Natalia Obrenovic to the Curcic family and the oldest wedding dress in Serbia from 1856.

In addition to its authentic ambience and collection, the new museum is special in that the English-language narration was recorded by the famous Hollywood actor and Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfus as a gift to Belgrade.

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