The great beach in Ulcinj Montenegro is really.. great!


There is almost no tourist who spent the summer vacation in Ulcinj without having visited the Great Ulcinj beach, so if you decide to spend your vacation on the Great Beach, you will surely be charmed by the miles of a long sandy beach, with crystal clear sea. The beach and the seabed are covered with tiny sand.

This sand has also a very effective health characteristic, and it is recommended to lean on it primarily because of problems with extremities, shivering, rheumatism, jerking … Great beach is the most beautiful in the morning – when at sunset there is an incredible color game that sea, sand and sky merges into a unique image.

Ulcinj has 19 km of beaches with the finest sand of an exceptionally biological composition, with about 30 minerals, some of which are very rare (Rubidium, Cezium, Stroncium and others), which are biologically very active.

Apart from tourists, to the Great beach come all those who want to unite their personality with untouched nature, daily waiting for the most beautiful sunsets and its decay into the blue sea. Writers, poets, writers, actors, singers, bohemians come back from the summer in the Great Plaza.
Ulcinj with its surroundings is one of the most beautiful destinations on the Montenegrin coast..

It is a great pity that the potentials of the Great Beaches are not used for sports tourism. Especially in winter. However, by destroying several hotels, Ulcinj was left with no significant capacity and lost the battle when this type of tourism was in question.

There is a lot of beaches spread out on these 12 kilometers. Every summer, it has some peculiarity, certain music from the beach bar, various activities.

When it comes to the beaches, Ulcinj is also outside the borders of Montenegro, and even in the world, recognizable by characteristic very long beaches with unique fine sand.

The Ulcinj Great Beach is 12 km long and is unique in the way the beach area is used
At a distance of only a few kilometers you can find a beach for nudists, a classic beach, and the beaches that are most visited by covered women, which is actually what is specific to this part of the Montenegrin coast, which makes it unique in the world.

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