The bridges of Belgrade!



Belgrade, unlike some other cities in Europe and the world, may be mostly lagging behind in bridges.

Let’s start from the bridges on the Sava River.
The first is the Brankov Bridge. It is located near Kalemegdan, and connects the center of Belgrade and Zeleni Venac with New Belgrade. On the site of today’s Branko Bridge from 1934 there was one other bridge, which was destroyed in the Second World War. On his pillars, today’s Brankov Bridge was erected, which name is on Brankova Street, where it continues.

In the vicinity of Branko’s Bridge there is also the Sava riverside, as well as a large number of rafts and restaurants on the coast, which are on the water.

Gazela Bridge is a bridge that forms part of the E-75 Highway, an important European roadway that passes through Belgrade. At the time it was built it was one of the most modern bridges in the world, and the loop itself today is a pearl of architecture. The name was given in its graceful appearance, which resembles Gazelin’s jump over the Sava River. 2011 reconstruction of the bridge was completed and old glow was given to it.

The Old Sava bridge, or the people often called the railway bridge, although never crossed the train through it, is located near the Main Railway and Bus Station. From the New Belgrade side, it is near the hotel Hayat and Crowne Plaza. The old arcane green bridge resembles some ancient times and is a true, live historical postcard of Belgrade.

The Old and New Railway Bridge on the Sava River serve the train traffic, while in 2012 a new bridge on the Sava River, the so-called bridge on Ada, was released into the traffic, which represents another architectural wonder, since it is the biggest bridge with one pylon (bearing pillar) on the world.

There is only one bridge on the Danube – Pančevo bridge..


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