The Best Yoga Studios in Belgrade


Looking for the best place to practice your sun salutations? Wondering where to get your zen fix now, when yoga studios are open? We’ve rounded up the best yoga classes across all corners of the Serbian capital. Say Namaste to the best yoga studios in Belgrade.

BG Joga centar

BG Joga center is located at  Beogradska Street 23 and Narodnih heroja 42. The yoga center has everything you need, including mats and a locker room. All you need to do is to wear something comfortable. You can also bring a towel. Whether you have practiced before or not, you can visit this one. The training is divided into several groups, depending on the experience. Yoga classes are for everyone.

In addition to classic yoga classes, BG Joga centar runs and organizes special programs. They have the goal of helping their students to successfully introduce the qualities of calmness, flexibility, awareness, and balance into their daily lives.

There is also an option of training while you are at home via the Zoom application. To access the platform you need a smart device and a stable internet connection.

M Power Yoga

Depending on your fitness, time, and what you want to achieve with yoga, there are different styles of yoga. In the M Power Yoga studio, in addition to the traditional style known as Integral Yoga, they also deal with a more dynamic style known as Power Yoga.

The specific rhythm and concept of the classes encompass and integrate several different styles. They include hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, kundalini yoga, restorative – yin yoga. Parinama, as well as Iyengar yoga, are applied with the addition of auxiliary props and special yoga Nidra relaxation techniques.


Wabi Sabi Yoga Studio

Do you want to try something different? Being one of the favorite yoga studios in Belgrade, the Wabi Sabi program is based on the traditional, original teachings of Hatha Yoga. One yoga class involves performing physical postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques.

Wabi Sabi Yoga Studio also has a program that is adapted to exercise in the office. It includes performing classic yoga positions concentrated on parts of the body endangered by long sitting. The teachers already have experience working in a business environment with employees in firms and corporations.

This studio is located in Vracar, next to the Temple of St. Sava at Makenzijeva Street 47. The classes can be held in both Serbian and English.

Surya Yoga Studio

Surya yoga studio dates since 2012. Their main idea is to create a bright, warm and comfortable space for practicing yoga. The main goal, however, is for practitioners to feel at home and be safe and free to explore themselves through exercise.

Today in Surya yoga studio there are more styles of yoga and more levels. Now each practitioner has a choice. They choose an exercise according to their temperament, needs, preferences. Regardless of previous experience in yoga and level of physical fitness, regardless of gender or age, there is something for everyone.

Surya Yoga Studio is located in Vracar, in a quiet street, in Loznicka 11.


Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade

One of the most extensive yoga studios in Belgrade, Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade offers a variety of classes for everyone from beginners to masters. The courses on offer are meticulous, but then yoga isn’t a pastime for anybody in a rush. Those residing in former Yugoslav republics get a major discount, but money isn’t really the point. This is yoga for people looking to take it seriously.

During working days, Ashtanga Yoga at Decanska Street, 11 is open from 5 am until 10 am and from 4 pm until 8 pm. Assisting starts at 7 in the morning and from 5 in the afternoon.

Yoga Studio Ganesa

Practice yoga safely, smartly, conscientiously, and consciously with a certified and licensed yoga instructor. Learn how to adapt the exercise to your needs and possibilities.

Classes are held in Svetogorska Street (center of Belgrade) in the Ganesa Yoga Studio. They are led by certified and licensed instructor Tijana who has been actively practicing yoga for 8 years. Classes up to 8 participants, thus creating optimal conditions for an individual approach to each trainee, regardless of the level of training.

For centuries yoga is a perfect balance of body but also the soul. Not even that you will gain body benefits it is also a calming hobby that will give you a whole new perspective of life. It will clear your mind.

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