The best barbershops in Belgrade


Gentlemen already know that finding good barbershops in Belgrade is not particularly difficult. Barbershops were once a widespread and proud craft. However, in recent times when beards and mustaches have gone a little out of fashion, they have fallen into oblivion. Fortunately, the wheel of fashion is turning. Now we go back to the good old days when a neat beard and mustache were the pride of every gentleman, and young people could hardly wait to come of age to “decorate” themselves in this way. With the return of this trend, the tradition of barbershops is slowly returning. In addition to beard trimming and maintenance services, barbershops often offer design haircuts, beard shaving, warm towels, and relaxation. On our portal, you will find the best shops of this type in the city.

The Barbers

In the relatively short time that this barbershop has been operating, a large number of customers are foreigners, who consider this place a kind of tourist attraction. The Barbers exudes the atmosphere of old barbershops but in a modern ambiance. The idea started with three serious masters of their craft. One of them is a tattoo artist, hairdresser, blogger, and now a barber named Karlo Zagorac. Known for his extravagant appearance and free spirit, he wanted to return to Belgrade the culture of going to a barber, which used to be a family tradition.


What is characteristic of one of the best barbershops in Belgrade is that women are forbidden to enter during working hours. This information was met with disapproval from many members of the fairer sex. However, a large number of them believe that it is okay and that men should have their place to talk and relax. They found inspiration in the barbers from Rotterdam. They discovered the potential in this business, considering the growing number of bearded men who want their beards to be tidier and different from the average. As this trend did not fail Belgrade either, these guys created the right place for real men from the idea.

OldBoy Barbershop

If you are looking for barbers in Belgrade, you should definitely check out Oldboy barbershop. Many say that it is the place where you will find yourself and your identity. This team of barbers knows how beard and mustache are important to men. That is why these masters offer you a fashionable beard and mustache haircut service.

To this day, this barbershop is also one of the most sought-after in the world among guys and men who care for themselves and their hair. When you visit the OldBoy Barbershop, you can choose the specific components of the hairstyle that you like. To make it easier for you to choose and determine your desired haircut style, OldBoy will help you with that. It brings to your attention some types and names of model men’s haircuts.

OldBoy Barbershop has become recognizable and very popular among beard wearers, starting from its very opening in 2014.

Belgrade Barber

For an exceptional experience, visit this barbershop at the Mercator Center. A unique ambiance will greet you, with a focus on a team of top masters of the old craft, only for gentlemen. It is true that a barber or an electric machine does its job quite decently, but primitive shaving can only happen with a barber. Haircutting, shaving, and styling are done with a razor, in a proven traditional way. In a special chair, the master of his craft, with a brush, a blade, and a light stroke of a calm hand. Belgrade Barber offers a close encounter with a sharpened team. Experienced masters also promise precise haircuts, smooth shaving, mustache, and beard trimming.


If you want to visit the Belgrade Barber, you must book your appointment. This is one of the busiest barbershops in Belgrade as well.

Lumberjack Barbershop

A classy barbershop keeping the traditions of the barber art alive. Classic haircuts, hot towel straight razor shaves, beard, and mustache trim. Lumberjack Barbershop is incomparably more than just men’s traditions, authentic atmosphere, and first-class haircuts. First of all, it is a true men’s club. It is an exclusive service of an elite barbershop, and the gathering of real professionals who grow, develop and move only forward. These barbers are united by one common goal. It is to set the highest level of quality. That is what differs this barbershop from the others. That is why Lumberjack Barbershop is honored to be on the list of the best places in cities such as Riga, Tallinn, Belgrade, and Saint Petersburg.

Mr. Sweeney Todd

Barbershop Mr. Sweeney Todd is a specialized place for trimming beards and hair. You can find this small creative workshop in the heart of Belgrade right behind the National Theater.
From the services you can choose a haircut, shaving your beard and head, and blow-drying your hair.

They do all types of hairstyles from classic through pompadour, flat top, rockabilly to urban and bold such as psychobilly, bald fade. Each of these shapes is feasible if it suits your face shape. The offer includes old-school shaving (Traditional Turkish shave) and also shaving with a razor (straight razor shave). This is also one of the barbershops in Belgrade with the most interesting name.

Whichever salon you choose, you will not regret it. Top service and friendly staff await you in every one of them.

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