The Belgrade rivers … which no longer exists



Surrounding the map or satellite imagery of Belgrade, one can hardly imagine the existence of another river except the Danube, Sava and Topčiderska. However, the careful configuration of the terrain, the numerous hills, and the river valley and the streams between them will be difficult to swallow. It’s just enough to activate the imagination and ignore buildings, cars and streets to clearly indicate the beautiful river valleys, the remains of the former rivers and streams that flowed there.

Also, a careful observer will not miss any particular street names and settlements in the city that testify to the existence of the river: Milošev potok (Jajinci), Banjički potok, Ristin potok (Cvetanova ćuprija), Repiska (Žarkovo), Mitkov kladenac (Veliki Mokri lug) , Kisela voda (Zvezdara), Bele vode, Veliki and Mali Mokri lug, Viline vode …

When we learn how to observe Belgrade, then, for example, Knez Mihailova Street will become a sprawling Sava and Danube, Knez Viseslav Street will spoil the Topciderska and Reiska rivers, and Bulevar kralja Aleksandra dilapidates the Bulbulder and Mokroluška potok. Numerous streets will become troughs of former rivers that are today sent into the underworld, and the slopes of the valleys of unreal garden and vineyards. It is exactly how the surroundings of Belgrade looked in the past.

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