The Belgrade Museum of Illusion finally arrived!


The Belgrade Museum of Illusion finally arrived. This museum is a place for fun for the whole society and a journey to a world that will impress and confound your senses!
This is the perfect place for new experiences and enjoyment with friends or family.
Not only children will enjoy here, but everyone, because we all want some magic in life, a little wonder and few challenges.

If you are struggling in the face of so many challenges, do not forget to taste great dishes at some of the best restaurants in Belgrade or visit some good spa and wellness center. Why not? It’s not easy to think, but we have to. Then you need to rest.

Numerous scientists over the years have tried to study what is actually happening between the brain and eyes when looking at the optical illusion. The Nobel Prize in 1981 went to a researcher who studied this subject. Several theories have appeared, including those who claim that the illusion is caused because the brain is trying to predict what will happen during a little delay between the moment when the event actually happens and when our brain is able to see it.

Other theories presented are trying to explain the perception of movement and contain the idea that small eye movements are caused by so few different images that are transmitted to the visual cortex at once, and that is the moment when the brain is confused.

The Museum of Illusion in Belgrade awaits the vortex of illusion created by the Vortex tunnel.

We all have a picture of ourselves, but in the mirror room, you will lose yourself in infinity.
In the Museum of Illusions in Belgrade, you will think about visual, perception, human brain and science through fun and attractive wars, after which you will better understand why your eyes see things that the brain does not understand.

The study of the Illusion Museum is about playing with gray brain cells. That’s why the Museum has a smart playroom where visitors of all ages can play, compete and learn. The game room encourages learning and entertainment through the Dilemma games concept, wooden puzzles and games that encourage cognitive abilities and transform the playroom into a real fitness center for the brain.

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