Taverns with traditional music


Taverns with traditional music

Serbia has a very rich musical tradition and in Belgrade you can hear a great deal of diverse trends in traditional ethno music. Orchestras in taverns can be old-fashioned (guitar, violin, bass), tamburitza (tambura, guitar, bass), trumpet (trumpets, drums) … In taverns, where live music goes from table to table, and fills musical wishes, it is customary for the orchestra to honor. The length of the orchestra retention for a table is proportional to the amount of money given. A special experience is provided by Gypsy orchestras, whether trumpet or tambourine. Gypsies know that they play everything (from Frank Sinatra to old Serbian original music), play in all places and in all weather conditions, alleviate grief and increase joy. Gypsy trumpets are mostly self-taught and they do not actually play trumpets but talk through them.

Many Serbs in happy or sad moments act irrationally when listening to music. Some are convinced that it is better to give money for music than for food. It happens that the orchestra is playing on the table, under the table or “on the television” (this means the orchestra comes out and plays from the outside of the open window). For such exhibitions, musicians are richly rewarded – their guests are pushing their money into trumpets, snakes on guitars and beautiful ones on the sweat of the forehead. In any case, there is little chance of not having fun in Belgrade.

Skadarska street with the largest number of taverns with traditional city music in one place. Orchestras play every night between tables with guests, and on weekends and holidays and at lunch time.

Skadarska street, about 500 meters in length, is located in the strictest center of Belgrade. Due to the proximity of the National Theater, there were many actors who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Other actors, poets, writers, painters came to act with actors.

It is known that the actors (probably because of the sting) do not eat anything before the show. The opportunity for something to muddle, and drink, is just after the show, when the tension falls and it is nearing midnight. Because of this, many taverns, some of the oldest in Belgrade, were nicknamed in Skadarlija.

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