Serbia off the beaten path – Zdrelo Spa

Serbia is a country of spas, and Zdrelo Spa is definitely one worth mentioning. Do not be surprised. There is no inhabited place, there is no large complex with a decades-long tradition. There is only a large plot and a complex built several years ago. Still, it is magnificent.

This spa is located in the valley of the river Mlava, between the Homolje mountains. The mountain peaks of Veliki Vulkan and Mali Vulkan surround it, on an altitude ranging from 160 to 240 m. The nearest municipality is Petrovac on Mlava, which is only 9 km away.

In the spa itself, there are mostly health facilities, and recently a new wellness center. Zdrelo Spa is not yet sufficiently developed for tourism. Although an increasing number of tourists visit it every year, the cultural life is not particularly rich either.


Zdrelo Spa aqua park

What makes this spa stand out from other spas in our country is its unusual architecture. We should thank the recreational and catering center Zdrelo for that. It is in the form of a castle. A castle in the middle of Homolje? What an original idea! Don’t you think? This complex is of recent date and is officially in function since 2009.

Zdrelo Spa is unique in many ways. It is a true gift of nature. Above all, it has the water that springs from a depth of 180 meters and is full of minerals. It also has different healing properties.

Secondly, it has an aqua park, which works all year round with day and night swimming. That is possible because the water temperature goes up to 40 degrees. It has 6 pools, 2 semi-open, and 4 outdoor pools, as well as one saltwater pool.


Outdoor winter swimming spot

Little is known about the fact that the so-called “winter swimming” in outdoor pools is possible in Serbia. It is very important to note that all pools within the complex are connected by a warm tunnel. So, swimmers, do not worry. You are completely safe when entering and exiting the pool. Even from the greatest cold. You can indulge completely even during the winter months.

There is another interesting fact about Banja Zdrelo. There are the slides that start from the floors of the building and end in the pool.  You can find two crystal tubs and access to the bar from the water there, in case you want to freshen up. The water temperature in this pool is around 30 degrees and it is primarily suitable for the summer period.

Within the pool, there is a massage parlor, sauna, hydromassage showers, and jacuzzi, too. You will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and water massages, after which you feel refreshed and relaxed.


What else can you do?

Sports fans are provided with fields for football, handball, and volleyball in Zdrelo Spa. Rural, hunting, and fishing tourism are popular in the vicinity of the spa. Nature lovers can enjoy untouched nature, hiking, or paragliding. Therefore, in recent years, Zdrelo Spa has become one of the most popular destinations for weekend vacations. Guests have a number of options for perfect enjoyment.

As always, we are obliged to inform you that the Covid-19 epidemic is still ongoing. Therefore, wear a mask and keep a distance. We advise you to visit Zdrelo Spa once when the Covid-19 epidemic improves. He who comes once will surely want to return. Until then, stay tuned and enjoy the content we have prepared for you in the News section.

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