Serbia off the beaten path: picnic area Tisa

Picnic area Tisa is one of the nicest places for spending your time. This picnic, but also the camp-site area is located on the territory of the Zrenjanin municipality. It is only 12 km from Zrenjanin and 36 km from Novi Sad. It is one of the favorite places of all locals, but also tourists. There is something for everyone!

Picnic area Tisa is, on the one hand, a real tourist oasis in the summer. It is the best host of many bathers and all those who love the river. On the river Tisa itself, there is a swimming pool with a plank and a pool for children. There is a neat swimming beach on the riverbank, nice accommodation, and a marina.


On the other hand, if you want to camp, you can! Camping areas have been arranged. You can have a very good time there, meeting new people, listening to music, and barbecuing.

Additionally, there are sports fields for basketball, volleyball, and beach volleyball, and a children’s playground. Also, if you want to take a rest, there are also two restaurants with summer gardens.

There are some other places worth visiting nearby picnic area Tisa. A little detour never hurt anybody. For instance:

Memorial monument Crna Cuprija


In the vicinity of the picnic area Tisa, there is Black Cuprija (in Serbian Crna Ćuprija). It is a World War II monument in Serbia and it stretches across an area of 472 ha. It is located 10 km from Žabalj near the Tisa River. Jovan Soldatović designed the monument in 1962. At this place, Hungarian fascists shot patriots from the municipality of Žabalj in 1942. The memorial is also listed as one of the Historic Landmarks of Great Importance in Serbia in 1991.

Golf Center


On the other side, there is the Golf Center. It spreads across 38 ha. Within this complex, there is a golf course with 9 fields. It is, at the same time the biggest golf center in Serbia.

The course is all according to world standards. The design, irrigation system, grass mixtures, all the way to natural and artificial golf obstacles. The terrain is extremely interesting and requires maximum concentration and precision. Anyone who makes their first steps in golf on this course will be able to compete on any course in the world.

And guess what? The ambiance of the restaurant or one of the terraces can be enjoyed by all nature lovers. Not only golf players.


Zrenjanin has changed his name several times throughout history. Beckerek, Petrovgrad, and then Zrenjanin- the locals still call them by all those names. This is a city of rivers, good time, a city of rich tourist offer and traditional events. Also, a city of culture, tamburitza players, and friendly people.


The municipality of Zrenjanin consists of 21 settlements and 25 different nations live in it. Zrenjanin’s buildings still enchant with their appearance and preservation. Some of the most beautiful buildings are the City Hall, the National Museum, the National Theater, and many others.

Zrenjanin is famous for its manifestations, such as:

  •  Days of Beer, created in 1986, in honor of 240 years of beer production in Zrenjanin;
  • Korzo Fest, an event with the desire to offer citizens cultural and entertainment content through various programs;
  • Banat fairy tale, thematically divided by days, so everyone will find something to enjoy.

It is our duty to inform you that some travel restrictions are being lifted in Serbia due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the latest travel status, please check the official page for Serbia here. In order to join us on our next virtual trip, follow the News section on our website. Until then, stay safe and take care of your loved ones.

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