Serbia off the beaten path – Markovačko lake


Belgrade is full of attractions, and they also include our famous lake – Ada Ciganlija. But did you know that the surrounding of Belgrade has some great natural sites as well? One of them,  Markovačko lake (in Serbian: Markovačko jezero), is only 60 km away from Belgrade.

This lake is only 1 km long and 500 meters wide, so it is easy to make a lap around it. It is an artificial lake, created in the 1960s, and from the beginning, it was intended to be a fishing spot. In fact, this lake is very famous among the fishermen and the infrastructure is appropriate for it.

Markovačko lake – the best activities

The lake has a beach, so it is possible to swim. However, be aware that the lifeguards might not be present. The lake is 10-12 meters deep at some spots. On the water, there is a rowing route. There is a trim trail around the lake, but also many different walking paths.

Camping on site is of course possible! There is an auto-camp, but you can also stay in the nearby four-star hotel Jezero. There are several restaurants along the coast, so you can treat yourself with fresh fish – straight out of the lake.

As we said, the lake is very famous for fishing. It is permitted to fish from the coast only, and with a permit. If you decide to swing the road, make sure you know the requirements and have the permit. We can help you with that – just let us know!

Wildlife of Markovačko lake

The area of the lake is very rich in wildlife. Around 20 species of freshwater fish live there. Some of them are European perch, bream, rudd, and different kinds of carp. Catfish is an absolute king of the lake – some of them have over 30 kg! Of course, birds such as wild ducks, herons, and storks live in the reed around the lake.

The lake is located in the forest area. So you might encounter a rabbit or a fox, or even a deer! So please be considerate towards the fauna around you. The lake and its surrounding is their home!


While you are there

The lake is just 6 km away from Belgrade’s suburb Mladenovac. This is a town with a long history, which got incorporated into Belgrade by the time (in 1971). It is very famous for Selters Spa (in Serbian: Selters Banja). This spa is important as the national site of health tourism. Its mineral water springs proved beneficial for rehabilitation so there are the hospital and the hotel in the spa complex. Of course, tourists are welcome as well, and they can freely enjoy nature, fresh air, and wellness center. It provides various services – pool, sauna, massage, jacuzzi, salt room, and peloid (therapeutic mud).

The mountain Kosmaj, with only 628 m of altitude, is a favorite hiking and picnic spot of locals besides Markovačko lake. Make sure you climb to the summit, all the way to the monument to Partisans who lost their lives in World War II. On the way to Kosmaj, you can also visit the medieval monastery Tresije (13th century).

Right now, we love those places as they provide respite from the crowds and generally make the social distancing possible. As always, we advise you to enjoy the tourism responsibly and to follow all the necessary precautions related to COVID-19 prevention. Stay safe and see you soon!



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