Serbia off the beaten path – Ethno village Stolovo


During the hot summer day, it is always ideal to escape the concrete jungle. And in Serbia, we are lucky to have wonderful nature and huge potential for village tourism. In the last few decades, the new trend started in Serbia – ethno villages. And today, we will introduce you to one of them – Ethno village Stolovo.

Ethno villages gained their popularity for various reasons. They are away from the cities, but easily reachable by car. The setting in them is pretty unique, and visitors can learn more about the local culture of that region. Of course, it is possible to spend a night (or few nights) there, in an authentic room. And last, but not least, the food is just amazing! The hosts will make sure you are well-fed. Portions are big, prices are affordable, and every dish is homemade, with love and care.


Ethno village Stolovo

This village shows typical Serbian buildings from the end of the 19th century. They are made of rock, wood, and bricks. Some of them are intended for accommodation. To demonstrate the real everyday life of a typical village, the owners created a small museum of old handicrafts and household items. The village even has its own creek, with mills, a pond, and a little bridge. In addition to the traditional kitchen, there is a wine cellar. It is a real reflection of traditional Serbian village, so you can see the blacksmith’s shop, pottery workshop, and even a little church with (artificial!) graveyard. And to add the touch of the romantic, make sure to check their “Tunnel of Love” and “Well of Wishes”.

The outdoor setting is very pleasant, with its open-air museum, gazebo, summer stage, and children’s playground. Moreover, there is a small farm, and you can see domestic animals, including a little pony! Do not miss the two caves – “ice cave” and “salt cave”. Some parts of the village are still under construction, so we can expect more attractions in the future.


Getting there

Ethno village Stolovo is located only 150 km away from Belgrade, 80 km from Niš and just 3 km from town Paraćin. It is very conveniently positioned, on the famous “Corridor 10” route of the highway (European route E-75). We suggest you to rent a car, with or without a driver. You can visit Stolovo as a destination on its own, or while in transit on the highway, for example for lunch or a break.

For more information about the ethno village Stolovo, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. We are aware that, due to the global coronavirus pandemics, tourism is suffering. However, we are always trying to find a way to make our guests comfortable. Hence, we suggest picking a destination that allows reasonable social distancing. And of course, ethno village is a perfect example of such a place.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Stay safe!


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