Serbia off the beaten path- Besenovo lake


Lately, more and more people are heading to mountain Fruska gora and spectacular Besenovo lake. This unusual oasis is located only thirty kilometers from Novi Sad and it is currently a favorite place of many, especially locals. What is it that attracts a large number of visitors? Except for the desire to cool off and spend a nice day in nature.

Fruska gora is known for its monasteries, untouched nature, but also for its beautiful lakes. This beauty has fifteen of them. Twelve lakes have a landscaped shore and are accessible to fishermen, swimmers, and also to nature lovers, who come to camp, grill, or simply enjoy their shores. Besenovo lake is one of them and it is impossible not to be astonished by this nature jewel. Here is why.


Besenovo lake in all its glory

Besenovo lake (in Serbian Bešenovačko jezero), or Beli kamen, as locals often call it, is one of those lakes that will leave you speechless. Many visitors fall in love with it at first sight. This is mainly due to the unusual shape of the coast and the extremely turquoise color of the water.

This lake is different from other accumulation lakes for many reasons. One of them is the fact that it was mine. It is located southeast of Besenovacki Prnjavor. The center of the municipality of Sremska Mitrovica is only 23 kilometers away. The lake was formed in 2004 on a surface mine, where limestone was exploited for the needs of the cement factory in Beocin, by cutting the aquifer that flooded the deepest parts of the mine. Over time, it became a lake with a diameter of 200 m and a depth of about 15 m. Many people claim that today it reaches a depth of around 50 m and that it rises every year. However, because of its diameter, it belongs to the group of small lakes.


Nowadays only a few steep approaches to the water remind us of the days when Besenovo lake was a real mountain hole.  This place is now accessible to visitors. That is why more and more people come here for peace and refreshment. Just imagine a beautiful beach on an azure lake, bordered by white stone. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? The surroundings of the lake itself may seem untidy, steep and full of rocks. Still, it will not stop you from finding the ideal place to enjoy. Nature seems to have managed to return to its original state and make something unique. Besenovo lake is ready to welcome you if you decide to spend the day on its shore.

Leisure activities for everyone!

As you arrive, the first thing you will notice is a full parking lot in front of the large gate that leads to the lake. On weekends, the crowds are even bigger, so many park a few kilometers away, taking the opportunity to walk through the woods and greenery. Many claim that it has the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Serbia. They look a bit “wild”, but that is what gives them a special charm and appeal. The visibility of water is so high, that you can almost clearly see your feet when you stand up in the water.


Besenovo lake is ideal for bathing, fishing, and barbecuing, judging by the pictures that flood the social networks every day, since many use the opportunity to make their most beautiful videos and photos right here. Pets, small children, retirees, old and young, all find their own way to cool off and enjoy themselves. There are also a couple of improvised cafes around the lake, as well as a booth where visitors can buy ice cream or boiled corn. If you are not fond of the crowd, do not worry. You can get away from it and spend the day in the shade of plants, in parts of the lake that are further away from the entrance.

The more experienced hikers, who come here often, are easy to spot. That is because they provide the shade with the help of tent wings and similar things. You can also bring food, drinks, towels, and parasols.

Some visitors are thrilled, others expected more. Still, the fact remains that this “accidental” lake is becoming a little paradise for a number of people. If you want to virtually visit other Serbian gems, follow our News section. We have prepared unforgettable trips for you. Enjoy!

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