Second Border fest in Kovin



The second in line Border on August 25 in Kovin!
The second BORDER celebrating the World Youth Day this year will be held on Saturday 25 August with the beginning of the main program at 9 pm, while the accompanying program is planned for 18 h and the entry is free this year.

The organizer of the BORDER is the Council for Young Municipalities of Kovin, and this musical event is held for the second time under the open evening sky in the ambience of the significant historical location of the fortress Stari Grad – the former border of the Austrian Empire and Serbia. Since the idea of ​​this event is the importance of the historical heritage of young people, through their geolocation, this year marks the “Three hundred years of the Banat Military Border and Pozarevac Peace” – when this important historical moment will be marked by a series of activities in the second part of the year exhibitions, lectures …).

The main program of this year’s BORDER starts at 9 pm and is made up of bands Bitipatibi, the Country of the Dead and “domestic” Zuckerpuppen.

On the BORDER scene, the composition of Bitipatibi comes with a neo-chaotic sound and intimate, emotional texts that describe the atmosphere in its own unique, almost monthly way. They are popular throughout the region, and their second album, “Hazelnuts Wild 2”, is on the list of the best editions. Imagine a place where Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star, Morphine and Tuxedomoon merges, and the heart of this fictional place could be in the Bitibatiba group that sends its version of jazz-shoegaze pop unselfishly into the world with every song and every concert. Personification of dream pop with us, Una Gasic, charismatic standing above the keyboard, hypnotized with seductive lyrics, equally followed by guitar, rhythm section and saxophone, leading us where no one else can. With the Una, the current set of the band consists of saxophonists Dušan Petrovic, Dragan Knezevic on guitar, Dejan Toškov on bass guitar, Ernest Džananović on drums.

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