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The fever of Saturday night was once reserved for Saturday, but today it is every night for “fever,” because… someone finds time to snooze on Tuesday, some Thursday, and someone leaves it for the weekend. But, from midnight onwards …
Each new generation has its own habits, but one of them is in common – they are eager to spend, good music and party hard.

Thirty years ago, everyone went out at 21h., while today’s generations starts with make-up preparation at that time… Then there is dressing up, so when the time comes to go out, it’s about midnight!
Why are late nightouts and “fluttering” around the city replaced the pleasant evening walks around the cafe is a question for which there is no precise answer, but we can simply say – the times have changed!

The performances of the bands in the 1970s and 1980s began at about nine in the evening, today the boundary has been significantly shifted, so the gigs in the clubs do not start until eleven o’clock in the evening.

What distinguishes the club scene and night outs from those of the last century is that clubs and cafes work every night and are always full, even if it’s a working day.

However, it was the same before… in some way..
A few years ago, a law was passed that bars can work for up to an hour after midnight, except weekends when their working hours can be extended for another two hours.

An exception is night clubs and discos whose working hours last up to four in the morning.

In the twentieth century, young people performed with the hits of the group Abba, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Rolling Stones.. and today with the sounds of electronic music and mega popular DJs whose sets are conquering the younger generation.

However, the time of the nightout may have moved a little, but some of them, who also goes out and the owners of the clubs and cafes that these young people are guests, have somehow adjusted to. Time has made us pay no attention to it, because everything goes its course.

The fever of Saturday night was once reserved for Saturday, but today.. it is every night.. for “fever”..

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