Rtanj Mountain


Embark on an adventure where you will meet the beauties of Eastern Serbia. This part of our country is one of the most attractive, and Rtanj Mountain is becoming the most popular mountaineering destination throughout the year. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to explore the slopes of this mountain. You will also meet the unique heritage and tradition of this area.

Rtanj is a mountain located in the municipality of Boljevac in Eastern Serbia, about 200 km from Belgrade. This mysterious and miraculous mountain attracts the attention of a large number of visitors. Rtanj Mountain is a natural phenomenon of the Carpathian Basin with specific flora and a large number of springs and underground channels. Its highest peak Šiljak is located at 1,560 meters above sea level. Today it is a challenge for many mountaineers and nature lovers. It is because of an incredible view, which is a special treat for both professional photographers and photography lovers.


A large number of endemic species grow here. The most famous is the medicinal herbs that grow on the slopes of the mountain and from which people make the popular Rtanj tea. This tea is the best for lung disease and is also famous for its aphrodisiac effect. Due to excessive exploitation, uncontrolled picking of this herb is prohibited by law.

Ascents to Rtanj Mountain

Rtanj is one of the obligatory routes for all mountaineers. There are several trails and the most famous are the ones on the south and north side. The trail on the north side is more strenuous and mostly reserved for somewhat more experienced mountaineers.

The ascent from the south is the most popular and visited even by amateurs. It is about 15 km long and nicely marked. How long the ascent to Rtanj Mountain will take depends mostly on your condition, and on average it is about 4 hours.

Although hiking on the Rtanj Mountain is current throughout the year, two events stand out. It is Christmas (January 6) and Vidovdan (June 28) ascent. The Christmas climb is for braver and more experienced hikers, especially in winters with a lot of snowfall. Vidovdan’s night climb to Rtanj gathers a large number of mountaineers whose reward for their efforts is a view of the magnificent sunrise.


During the climb, it will be possible to change several seasons to the top. You should start the climb equipped, with a suitable wardrobe, depending on the season. You should also be very careful. It is dangerous to climb during thunderstorms. The top of Rtanj Mountain is often exposed to lightning strikes. Additionally, be sure to bring a few liters of water, because there are no springs on Rtanj itself.

Mysteries of Rtanj Mountain

The almost perfect shape of the pyramid, the unusual energy fields, the similarities with the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids, the numerous underground tunnels… These are just some of the reasons why more people decide to visit Rtanj Mountain. On the other hand, many believe that energy and magnetic fields have a healing effect.

Many believe that geometrically regular shapes are not a coincidence and that aliens made this pyramid. Some domestic (and the world) conspiracy theorists think that Rtanj is one of the bases of aliens on Earth.

According to another legend, the castle of a wizard was on Rtanj Mountain. The great treasure was inside of it. However, the castle has disappeared within the mountain, trapping the wealthy wizard inside.


Nowadays on the peak Šiljak, there are the ruins of a little chapel St. George. An interesting fact about this church is that it was built in honor of the late owner of the “Rtanj” mine in 1935 by his wife with the help of one thousand workers. Today, the chapel is in ruins, as treasure hunters partly destroyed it with dynamite when tried to find the gold.

Which of these stories are true? It is still hard to tell.

While you are already here, do not miss…

St. Nicholas church, Krepičevac monastery, and Lozica monastery. These three buildings are in the vicinity of Rtanj and they are important historical monuments. St. Nicholas Church and Krepičevac monastery were built more than five hundred years ago. The first record of the Lozica monastery dates back to 1455.

Sokobanja is the oldest spa resort in Serbia, whose thermo-mineral springs are some of the most radioactive in the country. Sokobanja is a perfect place for recreation and relaxation in the fresh air. You can also visit the famous Soko grad (Falcon city).

Zaječar is located on the confluence of Crni (black) and Beli (white) Timok. It is the largest city in this region and the administrative center of Timočka Krajina. Taking a walk through the city and getting to know its architecture can prove to be interesting. It is famous for its Gitarijada. It is one of the longest-lasting festivals in Serbia and in South-Eastern Europe.


In conclusion, the exploration of Rtanj Mountain will be an amazing adventure. You will surely not forget it. The surroundings that change from thick forests to rocky landscapes, from even to uneven ground, and the abundance of healing herbs are only some of the things that await you. Fresh air and the wonderful view are the rewards that wait for you on the mountaintop.

Moreover, if you decide to visit this beauty, you can find the travel guide HERE.

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