Roisin Murphy.. Art Pop diva perfoming at Belgrade Beer Fest



Belgrade Beer Fest is proud to announce the concert of British electro-pop star Roisin Murphy. Art-pop queen, as they called the British media, will perform at Belgrade’s Ušće, on the first day of the festival, on Wednesday, August 15th from midnight on the Inovation stage.

The world giant of modern music scene Roisin Murphy has always been “she’s weird”, unpredictable and never focused only on one genre and one sound.

According to her, music allows her to “go wherever she wants to.” “I understand more and more that it’s totally unnecessary to stop the natural flow of things,” with such an attitude Roisin began her exciting career in the 1990s as half of the highly successful British trip-hop band Moloko.

Today, after more than twenty years of career, eight studio albums, many singles and unforgettable spots, Roisin deservedly became the global icon of all who love good dance music, but also simple, emotional songs.

Her voice dominated the radio playlists of the period thanks to Sing It Back, The Time is Now, Forever More, and after a private and artistic break with Mark Brydon, she began her solo career with the album “Ruby Blue”, and on top the list is back thanks to the excellent second album “Overpowered” in 2007. In addition to the title singles from this release, two more hits – “Let Me Know” and “You Know Me Better” singled out.

After a part-time break due to the birth of two children, Roisin has begun to re-capture stage gigs and dance podiums from around the world. The albums “Hairless Toys” from 2015 and “Take Her Up to Monto” released in the year 2016 presented Roisin a new era, and her concerts became appearances for a long time due to specific, avant-garde sensibility and aesthetics.

Her concerts are unpredictable and represent a dynamic mix of original aesthetics and perfect production, and Roisin is, by many, one of the biggest singing, concert attractions, whose performance at Belgrade Beer Fest should not be missed.

Pavle Knežević

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