Restaurant Little Bay – Is this the most romantic place in the city?


Did you know that there is a place in Belgrade where you can eat while listening to classical music? Restaurant Little Bay is an opera in a restaurant or a restaurant in an opera. Choose yourself. This is a really different and interesting choice for dinner, drink, or coffee in the heart of Belgrade. Cozy atmosphere and great opera performances combined with high-quality food. Could it be any better?

Restaurant Little Bay is situated in Dositejeva Street in Belgrade. It is only a few steps behind the National Theater. The restaurant is part of the restaurant chain in London and Brighton. That is why it is often said that it brings England to Belgrade.


The BBC, Le Figaro, and many other prestigious world media wrote about it. Once it was because of an interesting campaign. Guests had an opportunity to pay for the service as much as they think they should. However, only on Mondays. In London, the profit was increased by 20-30% in spite of the crisis. Unlike in London, people in Belgrade were paying for their meals as much as they did before the campaign.

The mission of Restaurant Little Bay

The restaurant is guided by an original concept. As soon as you enter it you will think that you fell asleep and woke up in another era. The main goal was to bring opera, theater, but also a concert of classical music in the same building. Did they succeed in it? Let’s just say that the restaurant is among the top 10 restaurants in Belgrade. Also, it can be very busy, so you should make a reservation.



What makes restaurant Little Bay stand out is the interior. The baroque interior with painted portraits of classical music artists, gold ornaments, and heavy red curtains will fascinate you. What makes it even more special are the theater lodges that bear the names of some of the most famous composers of classical music. You will get the impression that you are in an exclusive theater. Such an impression give the performances of the most eminent performers of classical and jazz music. On the other hand, opera singers often perform here, too.

Delicious meals at affordable prices

While your ears enjoy the sweet sounds of music, which you rarely have the opportunity to hear, your plate will be full of gastronomic specialties. The restaurant Little Bay serves European food with a French flavor, and there is a wide selection of wines that go perfectly with the dishes. The restaurant offers specialties of all kinds, whether you are a vegetarian or a gourmet. There is something for everyone.

The cuisine served is a range of familiar dishes that are sure to make you feel at home. From stuffed chicken, sirloin steak, and baked fillet salmon, you will find something to suit you. Some of the most popular meals are fillet of sole and salmon but if you are really into fish – taste profiterole with seafood as you will smile after this tasty yet very cheap meal. For dessert, there are many different options. However, we suggest you try white chocolate mousse with strawberry syrup.


Restaurant Little Bay is a real gem of Belgrade hospitality that you simply have to experience. Book your place on time, escape from everyday life, and dive into a completely different world. A world of baroque, delicious food, and good music. A unique experience of English culture, through a combination of pleasures for all the senses, makes this restaurant an authentic corner that you must visit.

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