Rajiceva Shopping Center in Knez Mihailova street



Rajic Shopping Center is the first shopping center located in the most famous Belgrade street – Knez Mihailova.

Every world metropolis has at least one large shopping mall in its very heart of the pedestrian zone, and with the opening of the Rajić Shopping Center – and Belgrade joined this list.

Opened with a lot of divided opinions and controversies, it brings a lot to the scene of the malls in Belgrade.

What distinguishes it from other shopping centers is that some of the brands that can be found in Rajiceva from now on – for the first time come to the Serbian market!

Conceptually and by its realization, this shopping center has its many specificities, a characteristic offer and a story.

Imperative was always at the time that the interior as well as the exterior, harder and finally fit into the local cultural heritage, combining old and new. This was not an easy task.

During the excavation, important historical artifacts were found, the remains of which are protected and form an integral part of the shopping center, that is, the square or you go in front (viewed from the  Knez Mihaila Street).

Rajic Shopping Center has all service units necessary for the convenience of everyday life, such as a supermarket, pharmacies, mobile operators, clothes, home supplies and electronics. In this way, the project will not only be a new city destination, but an important part of the local and business community.

The central location, sophisticated design, well-known brands and carefully selected catering facilities and sales mix will contribute to the fact that Rajić’s shopping mall, along with the street in which it is located, becomes one of the central locations of all events in Belgrade.

The Rajić Shopping Center garage has 450 spots for cars.

Parking is open every day from 8 AM to 24 PM.

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