Public Aquarium and Tropicarium Belgrade



Public Aquarium and Tropicarium Belgrade

Visit the Belgrade Aquarium and Tropicarium at 3 Milenko Vesnicka Street…

The Aquarialife Association has opened an aquarium with a genuine desire to help nature, life, aquatic, flora and fauna lovers get closer to nature.

Their task is also to preserve the habitat of fishes, plants and small animals and to train / educate and facilitate their care as pets.

Many years of experience from a group of enthusiasts in pet care, maintenance and nutrition, as well as habitat design, have helped them design this unique space in Belgrade.

Now the guests of the capital and the citizens of Belgrade can finally get to know first hand the beautiful colors of the flora and fauna of the planet.

Citizens can become familiar with the possibilities of preserving fish, plants and small animals, their role in improving the quality of life and potentially assisting in the relaxation and relaxation of fish, water, plants, natural, aquatic and dry arrangements for use in interiors, exteriors and daily life.

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