People from all parts of world love to party in Belgrade!



Foreigners are more and more celebrating their evening nights in Belgrade
The Serbian capital is becoming a hit destination for guests from abroad who are soon to get married. Men seek yachts, and women strippers.

Limousines, serbian national food, tambourines, strippers and fency party hot spots – all these are the demands of men before the marriage that comes to Belgrade to spend the last “free days”.

About 15 guys usually arrive to Belgrade for a party, who also rent a villa and have only one desire – to party hard and go out and meet beautiful girls. However, not all are the same, because the Swedes, Turks, Poles, Croats or Israelis do not experience the party spirit the same way.

Everyone is in common with being fascinated by the beauty of our people and kindness at every step. They are thrilled with the prices and quality of service they receive. Most require only a villa, a limousine and a night out in best clubs..

Since they are usually tired of the night, then a rent of yacht is done… they ussually listen to light music in the morning and drink wine on the deck while enjoying the river…

The parties on a boat can be fantastic if people do not drink a lot!
Although, with so many girls around, the party will be great..

Men also love striptease, and even the Israeli groom, but only on Friday. The Israelis are looking for kosher food, but they like to gamble. The Turks love to party, dance and sing.. To gamble, they both love each other. Guys from Poland also come in crazy pursuits, but they are interested in everything about the history of Serbia. The English guys really like to drink, and the Italians are the most rewarding.

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