Opening of the exhibition “Conquistador. From Culture and Art “


Opening of the exhibition of Mariela Cvetić “Conquistador. From Culture and Art ”

“Because I am not really a man of science, no observer, neither an experimenter nor a thinker. I am by temperament only conquistador, adventurer, if you want to translate that term – with all the curious, courageous and stubbornness characteristic of such a man.”
Freud in a letter to Flis, 1900.

The initial element for the exhibition is the carpet covered by Freud’s couch, which together with the couch has long since become a metonymy for psychoanalysis itself – its history, practice, cultural function, above all, but also criticism; its iconism has long overcame its initial function. As an object, an interior element, taken from oriental provenance, the carpet has a nomadic character: it arises and lives in a nomadism. Nomadism is not just a matter of physical movement, but also mental (own analysis).

The exhibition problematizes the geography (and history) of the Balkans through Freud himself as an atypical (dual) representative of the Western view of the Balkans and the theory he established at the end of the 19th century and its (theoretical) implications during the 20th century to the present. After returning from the Balkans in 1898, Freud perceives himself as a conqueror, and psychoanalysis as a hike, and the outcome of every invasion is always understood as a trade, profit.

From February 22, 2019 to March 25, 2019
Opening: Friday, February 22 at 7 pm
Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art


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