Popular Beograđanka has become a symbol of the capital since the first day due to its unique view of the city. It was built according to the project of the architect Branko Pešić and was officially opened on April 22, 1974, so  it celebrates its 45th birthday. It is 100.23 meters high or 23 floors.

Beograđana’s manager, Bojan Grbović, states that at the time the Belgrade symbol was built, that is still. It was one of the most modern buildings and one of the first smart buildings in the Balkans, and certainly the first in Belgrade and then Yugoslavia. There was a computer program that took care of the automation of all parameters of the building – cooling, heating, windows. It had an automatic shutdown of the shutters when the sun, or a strong wind, as well as the most modern and fastest lifts.

Almost four and a half decades in its original condition, it has not been renovated, all installations are 45 years old, everything is maintained, but it has not been changed.

The popular viewpoint was closed to the public in the ’80s, when Studio B took the last floor and it is not open today. There were some initiatives to re-open the viewpoint a few years ago, but it has been stopped for now.

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