Novak restaurants! No.1 world tennis player owns a chain of classy restaurants in Belgrade, and you should visit and see why they are so special!


Famous people open restaurants all over the world. And that’s nice, a little extra money for famous owners and lots of light commercials for the restaurant itself. But there always comes to the question – is it only the name of its owner enough to go to the restaurant? Sometimes it’s a recipe for the emergence of cult restaurants, and sometimes just an attempt to use a “famous name”? And in this case, the name is quite sound – Novak Djokovic.

The restaurant is conceptually divided into three parts, two interior houses and a garden.

Interior decorates paintings featuring portraits of famous and successful athletes. Immediately notice and a little weird choice of color chairs: red and blue, a little resembling to a coffee shop, but they are very comfortable to sit.. And small tables, which also helps to impress that it’s more about a coffee shop, but a concrete menu certainly shows that it’s a serious restaurant.

The food is excellent without any dilemma.

Familly sport opened the fourth franchise restaurant that is named after our best tennis player Novak Djokovic. The facility is located in the Novak tennis courts, on May 25th, and consists of two levels. On the first floor, with a view of the tennis courts, there is a restaurant with 250 seats, while the lower part and the garden serve as a coffee.

This restaurant as well as the outlets in New Belgrade, in Kragujevac and Kraljevo, is decorated in a minimalist style. Gray, beige and black are prevalent in the interior of sharp lines. Me, with the exception of soup and soup, contains only international cuisine. The specialty is a beefsteak with three sauces, a ramstake with caramelized onion and salad with goat cheese and dry plums. The offer is also chimichangan, chopped chicken in tortilla, one of the favorite dishes of Novak Djokovic.

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