NOISE! NOW! is bringing the beat back!



Noise! Now! is a unique musical experience because it gathers some of the most famous frontman names from the whole region who will perform in the role of a disc of jockeying in one night.

After last year’s, sold out NOISE! releases, which left an indelible mark in the recent history of the alternative scene, we are pleased to inform you that this special musical event will be repeated – and once again, even more loudly, the city will shake!
NOISE! NOW! is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th, in KPGT premises (Old Sugar, Radnička 3).






For NOISE! NOW! (Mike Kekin, Cold Beer), Ivan Novak (Laibach), Cane (Partibrejkers, Skrtice), Jovan Matic (Del Arno Band), Zika Todorovic and Uros Djuric, will be replaced by three- Dr. Pop (Atheist Rap), Vukasin Markovic (irieFM), Maja Cvetkovic (E-Play), Coyote (Hornsman Coyote, ex Eyesburn), Vasil Hadzimanov, Igor Perovic (Playboy), Bojan Slacala (Artan Lili, Stuttgart Online) Zoe Kida (Zemlja Gruva), Boško Mijušković (Straight Mickey And The Boys, Skirts) … And that’s not all! More information soon.

After last year’s location of Kluz in downtown Belgrade, this time, due to the great interest of the audience and the unexpected fast sale of tickets, NOISE! NOW! located in the larger, extremely attractive area of ​​the KPGT Theater (Old Sugar, Radnička 3), with a rich club history. Also, the date of the event NOISE! NOW! it’s not a coincidence – it also marks the Resord Store Day (April 13th), a global celebration that celebrates rock music, records, love for listening to music and its selection. Therefore, a natural friend NOISE! NOW! The party is the publishing house Mascom..

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