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15. The night of the museum, which is held on more than 60 locations across Belgrade on May 19th from 5 pm until midnight after midnight, brings a completely new tour.
Already with the traditional Children’s Tour, Unspoken Stories or Belgrade with style, this year the visitors are expected to tour the Artist is present.

At several locations in the city, visitors to the Night of the Museum will be welcomed by artists, leading them through their exhibitions, chatting with them and discussing their work and their creation, inspiration and stories that hide, and some of them will teach intrigued visitors with new skills and techniques.

ULUS Gallery for this year’s Night of the Museum is preparing an exhibition entitled “Face to face with a winner” that will gather some of the most important contemporary Serbian artists and artists, all of which connect male acts as the main inspiration.

Visitors to the exhibition, which is intended for the public over 16 years old, will be able to join the artists from 21:00 who will create new works inspired by the male act in the ULUS Gallery.

Art Comuna Dorcol Platz hosts numerous street art artists from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, who will work together to paint the facade of Dorcol Platz during the event.
The Singidunum Gallery will be a station from which all visitors will be able to go on a journey in the Middle Ages and discover the silky beauty of the Cyrillic alphabet.

The works by Swiss artists Fransoaz Emeneger and Kristian Hamasher will be shown at the exhibition “Limes – Distinction” at the Haos Gallery.

The Museum Night, held with the support of the European Union Delegation in Serbia, represents a unique cultural spectacle in more than 120 cities around the world, including Belgrade since 2005.

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