New Year in Belgrade – where to celebrate


Holidays in Belgrade are always fun and people in Serbia love to celebrate. Even though this year the celebrations are going to be more modest, there are still some interesting places where you can celebrate a New Year in Belgrade. Perhaps, take some time off and celebrate at home.

Celebrate the New Year in Belgrade clubs

Different clubs, hotels, and venues were ready to organize the celebration of New Year in Belgrade. But, in order to adjust to the current measures and restrictions, many parties are canceled. One of them was supposed to be in Hotel Falkensteiner, which was the choice of many trendy people who love to have a good time in elegant places. The fantastic gala dinner was scheduled to take place on the 31st. However, due to the current situation, the organizers decided to cancel it.

At this moment we are still waiting for the final decision of the Crisis Team in regards to New Year’s Eve events. Right now, the venues must follow certain protocols, especially in regards to working hours, seating, maximum capacity, and serving food. Some clubs will be making daytime parties, which will likely have to end by 20:00.

One of the places that guarantee a good time under current measures is Mona Plaza. They applied all the necessary measures to organize the matiné celebration on December 31st, in their Šonda bar. One of the most popular Belgrade clubs, Freestyler, is also ready to welcome the visitors with open doors if the conditions allow it. And that’s not all, because almost every Belgrade club, restaurant, and bar is impatiently waiting for news and requirements under which they will be able to host the parties.

Hence, we ask you for understanding and we encourage you to be as flexible as possible. If you visit any of these places, make sure you follow all the rules of the venue. They will certainly do everything they can to keep everyone safe. So, have fun and be responsible!


New Year celebration on city squares

In the previous years, every city in Serbia organized celebrations on its squares. Famous singers were entertaining people all night long, and people were able to enjoy fireworks and warm beverages. Traditionally, we were celebrating New Year in Belgrade on the Nikola Pašić square, with the main stage being just in front of the Parliament. This year, due to current circumstances, there will be no organized public celebration. In case of any change, we will inform you here.

Still, you can enjoy the holiday decorations and the festive atmosphere. Belgrade is definitely one of the most beautiful cities during the holiday season. Just walk around the center and enjoy the shiny lights.

At the moment, we recommend you to celebrate at home. Use these holiday days to dedicate yourself to your loved ones. Slow down and spend a nice evening at home, together with your family and friends. In any event, no matter what you decide, we wish you happy holidays. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2021. Happy holidays!


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