New measure change in Serbia- Night clubs’ operational hours


The night clubs’ operational hours have been extended in Serbia.  According to the republic crisis headquarters, clubs will work until 1 o’clock after midnight. This law will come into force in the coming days.

We feel responsible to inform you about the current state of the Covid-19 epidemic in Serbia. By all accounts, the situation is improving on a daily basis. The crisis caused by the second wave of the virus is slowly subsiding. According to available information, there are fewer and fewer those with positive Coronavirus tests and more of those with negative ones. However, one should not relax too much. The situation is still unpredictable, and new measures can be adopted or changed at any time.

Change of night clubs’ operational hours

At this point, the conditions for easing the measures have been met. This concerns neither more nor less than night clubs’ operational hours. The measures will also be applied to catering establishments in general. This group includes restaurants, cafes, bookmakers, and fast food establishments. The recommendation is not binding, so the owners of the facilities will act at their own discretion.


Easing measures may mean a gradual return to normal. Hopefully, the change in night clubs’ operational hours could be only the first step to it. We believe that you can not wait to spend these hot summer nights in some of the most beautiful night clubs and bars. However, be patient. The situation has not calmed down completely. Although we know that you are acting responsibly, it is not out of place to remind you once again. Take care of yourself and others and do not go out if you have any of the virus symptoms. The main goal is to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly once again.

Further, you should know that the new measures may differ among municipalities. For instance, in some cities, cafes and restaurants have different working hours than the ones in the capital. On the other hand, the state of emergency in Vranje is still ongoing and certain measures are still in force there.

Some restrictions are still actual

Owners of night clubs and other catering establishments in Serbia still has some rules to follow, such as:


  • working hours of the catering establishments are from 07 AM to 11 PM in the closed part of the facility, i.e. from 7 AM to 12 AM in the open part of the facility (garden);
  • it is not recommended to organize a celebration and gather in a closed space with a large number of people;
  • provision of protective equipment and disinfectants for employees is a must;
  • facilities still have to respect physical distances of 1.5 m;
  • regular disinfection of catering facilities;
  • provision of disinfectant on each guest table;
  • a measure of banning all public gatherings in groups of more than 50 people remains in force.

The communal inspection will supervise the implementation of decisions and prescribed measures. Those who do not comply with the measures will pay the fine. Very simple, right?

It is up to us how long the new measures will remain in force. We hope that the situation will only get better. We will inform you about everything that happens in Serbia, as always. Your task will be to wear a mask where required and practice social distancing. Follow the most recent travel advisor here. If you have any questions or dilemmas contact us. We are more than happy to help you.

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