Magaza – a true hedonistic gastropub in Beton Hall, a popular Belgrade place. Its recently opened and quickly became one of the favorite places in Belgrade.

Gastropab Magaza offers a great selection of modern and traditional cuisine, as well as a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks, from delicious hot drinks such as coffee and teas, to top-quality cocktails and over 40 different types of bottled and bottled beers.

Visit Magaza Gastropub over the day and enjoy the beautiful view of the Sava and the warm sunshine, and in the evening enjoy the splendid music of the popular Belgrade bands and performers.

What is amazing about the opening of this restaurant is delicious and quality food, and besides the kitchen Magaza is also known for offering a large number of beers.

In addition to the above, the Magazine should also be visited for its good location, beautiful interior and gardens, a smiling and professional staff and a quality music program.and performers.

Why Beton Hall, and Gastropub Magaza is so popular among domestic and foreign guests:

Because of the phenomenal view of the river Sava .. due to the fantastic position and the all-day Sun, which illuminates the gardens.. due to the many quality clubs and restaurants in one place.. Because of the unique Belgrade spirit that can be found here..

Whether you want to enjoy a morning café with a view of the river or with friends you come for dinner and cocktails, you can be sure that you did not make a mistake in choosing a restaurant. A modern ambience with a spacious garden and evening gigs will make you feel the sense of modern Belgrade.

Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, Magaza will make you always come back to this place with a smile.


Karađorđeva 2-4 Beograd, Srbija


10AM – 02AM

Restaurant is always full, so u will need to make a reservation in advance.

Contact us for reservations!

PHONE CALL, (Viber, WhatsApp) :  +38160 434 66 22

E-Mail :

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