Mistery of Kalemegdan




The biggest mystery of Belgrade is hidden on Kalemegdan. The Belgrade Fortress covers two thousand years of history that, unfortunately, because of everything that lies beneath that place, will not be fully explored. Everything that during the two millennia was the last cry of technique in military terms was on the Calemegdan Cape, from the Romans to the Serbs.

Epicenter of the mysterious stories is the Roman Well, which some also call the navel of the world, ie, the place from where the mythical hero Orfej descended to the underworld. But the well is not actually Roman but Austrian, (built from 1717 to 1731), and it’s far from being a navel!

The road to the bottom of the well, which is 51 meters long, from two hundred steps, is paved with bizarre stories, and there are many lovely hunters on the treasure, but some unhappers have ended their lives. How interesting this space is best said by the famous filmmaker of “tension” Alfred Hitchcock who once stated that such a space for him is an inspiration.

A little further and lower than the well is Nebojsa’s Tower or Kula Nebojsa. The name is derived from the negation of the verb “to be afraid”, so it is clear why it is so mystical.

The legend says that the original Nebojsa’s Tower was the last unassailable line of the defense of Belgrade during the time of the despot Stefan, and somewhat later in the battle with the Turks, they sank in the air and flew to the Donji grad, so that the Ottomans never occupied. If we change the legend, the basic information is that the Kula Nebojsa was built by the Hungarians, and the Turks later artillery crashed.

Nevertheless, the biggest mystery of Nebojsa’s Tower is what happened during Turkish rule where many disobedient Christians from the Ottoman Empire found death (Greek revolutionary and poet from Riga). Thus, the tower became one of the darkest symbols of Belgrade and therefore a great secret.

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