Music Week Belgrade – Party Capital of 2022


The Music Week Belgrade is an annual event that started in 2019 by welcoming an impressive number of 300,000 visitors. It is already a tradition that the event takes place in August. It showcases some of the biggest regional pop, trap, hip-hop, and EDM stars. Together with locals, tourists are coming to enjoy performances and events that take place all over the site. Music Week Belgrade is a place to be if you want to see why Belgrade deserved the nickname of the world’s party capital. Get your tickets on time and let’s party!

Music Week Belgrade 2022

The Music Week started last night, on August 28, and will close tomorrow, on Sunday, August 21. Like every year, the event is taking place near the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. That’s right, just like the Beer Fest, Music Week takes place in New Belgrade’s Ušće park.


There are three types of tickets for this year’s Music Week.

  • Regular ticket: 890 RSD (7,5€/$)
  • Fan Pit ticket: 1090 RSD (9,5€/$)
  • VIP ticket: 1590 RSD (13,5€/$)

The gates open at 19:00 and close at 02:00. After that time, it is not possible to get inside the festival grounds. There will be multiple entrances for all ticket categories. Also, if you changed your mind and decide you want to join the VIP club, you will be able to upgrade your ticket on-site. VIP and Fan Pit ticket holders will also get the bracelet, which will allow them to enter their exclusive zones.

VIP ticket holders also have designated restrooms, as well as admission to the VIP platform with the greatest view. A premium beverage menu and food delivery choices with waiter service are included as well, so a VIP ticket gives you the best value for your money.

The lineup

Yesterday, the festival started in grand style. Voyage, Nucci, Zera, and Indodjija were taking over the stage and hyping up the crowd. The opening was promising and we expect an equally energized second day of Music Week Belgrade.

Tonight, we are looking forward to dancing and singing together with Teodora, Devito, Relja, and Nikolija. If you are not familiar with their songs, it is not too late to start. Just for you, we prepared some of their best tunes, so learn a few Serbian words and sing with us!

And tomorrow, Rasta, Coby, Angellina, and Inas will light up the Ušće! Sara Jo, the first runner-up for Serbian Eurosong representative will be there as well, so we guarantee you will have a great time.

And much more on Music Week Belgrade

All the dancing and drinking will definitely make you hungry. So, you will discover the Macho Icecream stand or Intergalactic Diner Foodland section by strolling around a little. There is a wide variety of treats to pick from. Besides music, you can have some totally crazy experiences here! While you walk around, come and visit Silent disco, Selfie Museum Expose, and really funny Hit FM Anechoic Chamber. And just for real thrill-seekers, the amusement park will get you on the craziest rides on Music Week Belgrade 2022.

Once the event is over, it does not mean the night is over as well! We invite you to one of the numerous splavs – river clubs. On Freestyler, you will finally experience the atmosphere of Belgrade afterparties. Did you have a good time? We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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