Museum of famous Nikola Tesla


The legacy of Nikola Tesla is carefully preserved in Krunska Street. With the replicas of his invention, personal items have been placed, and many are for now, like a collection of gloves and hats, to preservation and the settings “hidden” in the depot.

The replicas of the invention by the first step through the doors of the Museum of Nikola Tesla speak of scientific work, but from the second plan, his personal items help us, at least in part, to penetrate the mind of this giant. A piece that does not make a permanent setting, soured in the depot, is an unmatched collection, and every piece is an inexhaustible story.

It is mostly visited by foreigners like groups from Turkey, but also Greece and the United States. There are many individual visits to tourists from Western Europe.
Last year, the central air conditioning system maintains the temperature of items placed in cabinets and blue cassettes. The temperature conditions are uniform, because what is most dangerous for historical objects stored in the museum are sudden changes in the conditions.

The new permanent setting has recently been supplemented by personal and technical items belonging to Nikola Tesla and numerous work models.
What just follows in the disclosure is Tesla Press clipping, which is currently being processed and digitized.

Tesla’s inventions in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, radiotechnics and wireless management changed the image of the world and made a major shift in science

Visit the Nikola Tesla Museum
The working hours of the museum in Krunska 51 are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, and Monday is a non-working day.

The ticket price with the guide (in Serbian) is RSD 250, and the ticket price for a group visit (for more than 10 visitors) is 150 RSD. The ticket price with a guide in English is 500 RSD (for group visits – per person 300 RSD). For children up to seven years the entrance is free.

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