Mountain Music Festival was awesome!


Over 3,000 people enjoyed this weekend at Divčibar, at the Mountain Music Festival. Under the slogan “Razmudaj čula”, this family festival fulfilled the expectations of mountain, nature and sound lovers for the third consecutive year through a mix of quality music and activities in the lead.

In front of the main stage, the visitors sang and danced with Kolja, Kanda Kodž and Nebojša, Đorđe Miljenović, Italian Pashmak, Maniva, Alice and WonderBand and Malpkik Valjevo, and somewhat further in the forest, they enjoyed the sound of gramophone records played by White City guys Soul.

In addition to great hands and electronic sound, a large number of visitors actively participated in numerous recreational, adventurous and educational content. The children enjoyed the Adventure Park, riding on “Zipline”, workshops “Puppies-dolls” and “Papirology”, while Orienteering, Archery, Yoga, dance workshops, aero-modeling, social games and many other facilities were available for all.

At this year’s IMF, special attention was paid to ecology, environmental protection and the problems of aero-pollution. At the Beer Workshop with a scientist, visitors could talk to experts about environmental problems and solutions, and the festival will also allocate some of the revenue to purchase black pine seedlings to be planted in Divcibare.

Mountain Music Fest was organized by a group of young enthusiasts from Valjevo, who for the third year in a row replaced their ordinary day in the city with a trip to nature with friends, and fortified this city, Valjevo and Divcibare, on the tourist map of Serbia.

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