Most beautiful street in the world – Kikinda, Serbia


Serbia is a country of wonderful nature and cities. Even the smallest towns have charming streets, squares, and corners. And our city Kikinda is the home of the most beautiful street in the world!

Generala Drapšina Street – the most beautiful street in the world

In 2015, the renowned magazine “Architecture and Design” wrote an article about the most beautiful streets in the world. And one Serbian street deserved the place in the list. What makes this street beautiful is the lush vegetation and lovely green trees. The street looks amazing in every season, and the colors change from green to orange throughout the year. The locals and the guests also call it Green Tunnel.

Generala Drapšina Street is in Kikinda, which is a city in north-east Serbia, close to the border with Romania. It is almost 2 km long and it is a pleasure to walk along it, or even ride a bike! Even in summer, it is pleasant to walk there, as the leaves make a very pleasant shade. Of course, there are several cafes in the street and you can sit there, have your favorite drink and just relax and enjoy the view.


What to see in Kikinda

Kikinda was the seat of the District of Velika Kikinda (unit of the Habsburg Monarchy), from 1774 to 1874. The architecture of the city reflects the Austrohungaruan style. In the center, you can see the National Theater, the Library, and the Cultural Center. There are plenty of churches with a long and important history. The building of the National Museum used to be kurija – the courthouse. One of the three remaining horse-powered dry mills is in Kikinda. Suvača is not far from the city center and you can easily visit it.


The National Museum of Kikinda

The National Museum of Kikinda attracts thousands of visitors every year and it is a must-see place in this city. And there is a very special reason for that! You can see the original remains of one of the best-preserved mammoth skeletons. Half a million years ago, the 4,7 meters tall and 7 tons heavy female mammoth got stuck in the quicksand and unfortunately died. Her well-preserved remains were found in 1996. Named Kika after the city of Kikinda, she quickly became the symbol of the city. Moreover, the replica of the skeleton is just outside of the museum.

The Museum works from 10:00 until 20:00, from Tuesday to Saturday. The admission is only 150 dinars (1,30 euros/$1,50 USD). Besides mammoth, the museum has 5 collections- ethnological, archeological, historical, fine art, and natural history. In conclusion, here you can learn a lot about Serbian and regional history.


Getting there  – to the most beautiful street of Serbia

Kikinda is around 140 km north of Belgrade. It is well connected to Serbian cities by bus. The train is available on several local routes, but not to and from Belgrade. However, we always suggest you rent a car and enjoy the freedom and flexibility. In normal circumstances, you can surely travel to the Romanian city of Timisoara. Currently, there are no conditions for entry to Serbia (such as quarantine or negative PCR test). However, the requirements of entry to Romania might differ. Make sure you know them if you want to cross the border! The conditions can change with quick notice!

More than Belgrade team is optimistic and we hope that situation worldwide will start improving. We are looking forward to the day when we will welcome you without any hindrance. Until then, stay healthy and stay safe!


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