MOONDANCE 2018: Evening for Memory with Live performances of KiNK and Francesco Tristan!


The Moondance Electronic Music Festival began last night on August 9th in Trogir! The first evening of the sixth, so far the biggest release of Moondance, was marked by the performances of the world’s best LIVE act KiNK, as well as Francesco Tristan, a musician who combines classical music with electronic music. Tonight at the Camerlengo Tower in the DYSTOPIAN evening, among others, Rødhåd and Radio Slave perform as well as many other world and reggae DJs!

The first night of the festival started at 21:00 on the Camerlengo tower in Trogir, featuring DJs from the region: Bebetto, Jan Kinchl, Juri Paik, followed by a set of headliners Eduardo De La Calle, who provided his melodic techno with a perfect introduction to Francesco Tristan and KiNK. The biggest interest of the audience was just about the appearance of KiNK, who proved why he was proclaimed the world’s best electronic live act.

In addition to the energetic set of virtuosos from Bulgaria, in which you can hear a simultaneous combination of several different instruments, Moondancers had the opportunity to hear how it sounds live electronic, accompanied by classical music, in the interesting performance of the maestro Francesco Tristan from Italy. With this carefully selected program, the Moondance Festival once again showed that its sole priority is the quality of the musicians who perform, as well as the intimate festival atmosphere.

The biggest interest of visitors from the region is for the second night of the Moondance Festival, when the podium will warm up DJ’s from the region Jock and Edy C, Avoid b2b Skeptik, Forest People, Ivan Komlinovic Live, Filip Xavi, followed by heads of the Monoloc Live, Rødhåd and Radio Slave who perform on the DYSTOPIAN evening! The tickets for this evening cost 180 KN, and can be purchased at the entrance to the festival or via the website, as well as in all the activities of the Ticketshop throughout Croatia.
In addition to gathering the top of the world’s techno scene, Moondance has provided visitors with various music workshops as well as the exclusive presentation of the new Allen & Heath Xone 96 mixers!

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