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Club The Money was opened in 2018 and is located at Fair riverside bb. Located in a location that is attracting more and more attention, this club gathers all fans of quality RnB and electronic sound in one place. Here you will always be able to spend a great time from midnight until five in the morning. It is intended for all those who know how to recognize quality and enjoy maximum enjoyment.

Club The Money is the first real RnB raft in the city, and so is the accent on RnB music for which experienced Belgrade DJs, known for excellent RnB and electric sets, will be charged for.

This genre of music is very popular not only among home-based claiders, but also with many visitors coming here to charge batteries, and again experienced high quality music in an authentic ambience.

Each of your stay in this phenomenal place will be an unforgettable experience, because besides quality music, you will find kind and professional staff here, with many years of experience in clubbing, who will always try to make you feel as pleasant as possible. You can choose any place on the raft and you will always be in the center of great fun and all happenings. The prices are standard for rafts of this caliber, and are ideal for smaller and larger groups that plan to enjoy the evening in a quality bar service.

What The Money The Raft also offers to its visitors is a huge selection of the best quality alcoholic drinks. Numerous beers, wines and the most diverse cocktails are definitely what The Money can boast about.

This place with its ambience and service offers a unique experience of a true jet-set of entertainment, glamor and absolute chic, and with the highest quality RnB sounds will provide you with an incredible night-time experience!
Its time for good and quality, real urban clubbing.

All in all, there is an exciting and unforgettable season in front of us, which will definitely set new standards on the domestic club scene. So do not miss the opportunity to visit the The Money and feel the real excitement that will take you from the very start u enter this club.

Reservations are required.

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