The Military Museum on the Belgrade Fortress


The Military Museum on the Belgrade Fortress, an institution of special state importance, is one of the most visited cultural and historical and tourist attractions of the capital.

The extremely rich collection of weapons of the Military Museum, otherwise repeatedly destroyed by the occupiers during the Great and Second World War, now has about three thousand exhibits covering the broad historical period: from the migration of Slovenes to the Balkan Peninsula, the First and Second Serbian Uprising, the Balkan Wars, World War I, World War II, the breakup of Yugoslavia, NATO aggression and the Kosovo conflict.

Apart from weapons, visitors to the museum are also able to see a large number of medals, military uniforms, flags, military equipment, photographs, propaganda posters, watches and other personal items of military men and soldiers, exhibited with well-written texts and illustrations explaining their purpose, putting them at the right time.

The Military Museum was built in 1924 in a building built for the needs of the Military Geographical Institute at Kalemegdan, which was donated to the museum in 1956. Since then, it is located in the same location on the Belgrade Fortress. The military museum was originally housed in a building from the Turkish period, next to the Roman Well, which was destroyed during the First World War.

Special attraction is the uniforms of the Bokelj sailors, and our interlocutor, Anđelija Radović, points to unique weapons that are of invaluable value. Rifles – Jeferdari were made in Foča, Boka Kotorska and Trebinje.

The establishment of the Military Museum, after the end of the Serbian-Turkish wars and the gaining of Serbia’s independence, was one of the first state moves of Prince Milan Obrenovic.

The story of the history offered by the Military Museum is inexhaustible and exciting, and the agility of employees who are constantly updating collections and organizing exhibitions is an explanation for a visit that others just imagine.

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