Mashup or Shut Up – Party on Šlep night club


Mashup or Shut Up is a traditional summer party on Šlep (Thugboat) splav. If you are still junior to Belgrade nightlife and are not sure what are splavs – they are popular floating nightclubs on Belgrade’s rivers Sava and Danube.

Mashup or Shut Up

Mashup or Shut Up party is a “trademark” of Belgrade’s nightlife. The style was developed by famous DJ and producer Me-High-Low. Mashup is a creative mix of two or even more pre-recorded songs. It consists of overlaying one song’s vocal track over another’s musical track. To make a mashup, a DJ changes various components of the music, such as the chords, melodies, beats, rhythms, etc.

This year, we invite you to attend the 11th Mashup or Shut Up party. It will take place at Šlep, on river Sava, very close to Branko’s Bridge. Traditionally, the party is always on Friday, so it will start at 19:00 on this Friday (June 25th).


Do not miss on Šlep

On Thursday, June 24th, another cool party will take place at Šlep. “Jugoslovenka” (“Yugoslavian”) is the party that features all the greatest hits from the Yugoslavian era. Imagine all the best Yugoslavian bands packed into one unforgettable party! Dance with the sounds of the ’70s and ’80s! Experience how it felt to be a Yugoslavian party goer – only this Thursday!

On Saturday, June 26th, Šleparenje will take place also from 19:00. You do not have to wait for midnight to experience Belgrade’s nightlife. Rather, you can watch the sunset from the club on the river, sip your drink and watch life going on on Belgrade’s riverbanks and rivers. Then, you can even head to the next party that night!

To guarantee your entrance and reserve the best table – contact us and we will arrange it for you! You will have a first-hand experience of the best nightlife in Europe!


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