Marquito experienced more than Belgrade in Serbia!



More Than Belgrade: Hi what is your name and where are you from?
Marquito Deng: My name is Marquito Deng from Beijing, the capital of China.

More Than Belgrade: Was this your first time in Serbia?
Marquito Deng: It was my first time in Serbia. I visited several Serbian cities and towns in early July 2019.

More Than Belgrade: How did you like Belgrade?
Marquito Deng:  Belgrade is both relaxing and energetic, depending on the way you experience the local life. Wandering around the city and visiting the parks and churches in a fine summer afternoon already cleansed the exhaustion in my mind, let alone biking on the Ada Ciganlija and watching sunset on the tall wall of the Belgrade fortress. However, after dinner time, the city was suddenly submerged in the ecstasy of pregaming the pregame, and that would be a perfect moment to grab a beer at a bar or later join the crowd in nightclubs. As a tourist, I think Belgrade is a wonderful place for me to slow down my pace and enjoy the very present.

More Than Belgrade: What sort of experience you can tell us that is connected to diversity of nightlife in Belgrade?
Marquito Deng: I would not classify myself as a very party person, but I did enjoy grabbing a few beers or cocktails with my friend on the street Kneza Mihaila or at a floating bar on the Danube River. Nightlife in Belgrade is very diverse. There are plenty of options and the price of food and drinks is quite reasonable. One good thing about Belgrade is security, at least in old Belgrade. I felt safe walking on the streets after leaving the bars.

More Than Belgrade: How about the food in Belgrade?
Marquito Deng: The food in Belgrade is mostly European dishes, and the prices are usually reasonable. Food portion is quite large. I really enjoyed steaks, pork rolls, and grilled sea bass. However, Asian food there often has unsatisfactory quality. Although I didn’t mind
exploring something new, I do hope that next time I visit Belgrade there will be a decent
Chinese restaurant.

More Than Belgrade: What places have you visited in Belgrade?
Marquito Deng: I visited the pedestrian street Kneza Mihaila, a couple of orthodox eastern churches, Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade fortress, the island south of Belgrade called Ada
Ciganlija, Zemun, the Gardos Tower, and a whole bunch of restaurants and bars. I
especially loved Ada Ciganlija and wished I could stay longer than an afternoon. There
was also a café called Gugutka near the Gardos Tower that I really loved. The owner was
super friendly, and her three cats were adorable. The Belgrade fortress is a perfect place
to see the sunset, and the Danube is not a bad choice for a little bit of after-dinner walk.

More Than Belgrade: Where else did you go in Serbia?
Marquito Deng: I also visited Novi Sad during the pregame of EXIT music festival. It is definitely a city for endless parties. The small town Bajina Basta and Tara National Park are perfect place for biking and hiking. I lived in a cottage inside Tara with my friend for three nights and went biking around the lake.

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