Love & Magic place in Belgrade



You were not in love if you did not immortalize your love on one such bridge, by which Vrnjacka Banja is known, among other things. However, from now on you can do all of this and much closer, in Belgrade, where Sava loves the Danube. Kalemegdan could thus gain a new attraction, not a bridge, but a fence that would symbolize eternal love.

At the monument “The Victorious”, which is one of the favorite places for photography, some have decided to preserve their love from oblivion. There are about twenty metal rings on the fence with engraved and printed names. And it’s not just about those who are in a romantic relationship, but there are those who are devoted to friendship, and on them is most often and they are written that famous “forever”.

On this fence, you can see tied stripes of various colors, which were probably made by some because they did not have a padlock at that moment, and they wanted to leave their mark on this site.

Although there are not many of theese rings on this fence, except for the Serbian names, those who are printed abroad can also be found, so it can be concluded that tourists also influence the creation of one of the new Belgrade attractions.

In Vrnjacka Banja, the rule is that after locking the lock, the key is thrown into the water so that no one will find and unlock it. In Belgrade, it is not yet known where these keys are being completed and whether love is “safe”.

Given that the romantic part of the year is approaching, many people with flakes and New Year’s Euphoria may immortalize their love right here.

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