Look inside Karadjordjevic court complex in Belgrade’s Dedinje

Women’s beauty.. thanks to the fact that it inspired many artists, the world is richer in many works that we admire today. It is exactly the beauty of a crowned female head, according to the tradition, responsible for raising the Karadjordjevic court complex in Belgrade’s Dedinje.

Young Yugoslav king Alexander I Karadjordjevic jealously wanted to preserve the beauty of his wife, the Romanian princess Maria, from the people who could see her while walking around the park between the courts in downtown Belgrade. That is why in 1924 he began building the royal court on Dedinje.

Five years after the start of the work, in 1929, the royal family finally moved into today’s building. About 4,000 square meters… there are numerous salons, libraries, wineries, private departments of members of the royal family … Ground floor and basement are open to the public today, while on the first floor there are rooms inhabited by Crown Prince Alexander II and his wife Katarina.

From the eyes of the public is hidden, however, a 90-meter long underground tunnel that connects the yard with the kitchen, which once served in the dining room food prepared in the wood-burning stove for the king.

In one of the three court libraries, the glance to the globe from the 18th century, unusual in the fact that on the leather-coated surface shows the sky and the constellation, and not the earth. In the same room there are two statues of King Peter II. Of the 60,000 books, of which there were, there are six times less in libraries today.

The rest of the literature, mostly in French and German, was transferred to a new building of the National Library of Serbia. In former King Alexander’s office there is still his massive work desk, the armchairs in Louis XIV style, Karađorđ’s star. In the largest, Blue Salon there is also the only original carpet, made especially for the court in France in 1927.

The most intimate taverns of Karadjordjevic were in the basement of the yard – winery, whisper room, cinema hall, card room … Only the closest friends and guests could enter, except the king and family.

The only building in the court complex that was built after the Second World War is the uninhabited Tito Spa Center. Marshall wanted a building that would have recreational facilities. However, the quality of the construction was bad, the pool was broken and leaked … The spa never worked…

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