Lets see Belgrade in a different way!

Belgrade is famous for having an unbroken green surface, practically a forest, within the city, made up of Topčider and Kosutnjak. Košutnjak is a large park named after the hives, which there were many in this area, for which the whole park was, in fact, a hunting ground. In the center of Topčiderski park there is a museum, according to which the restaurant immediately got its name.

Today, there is a museum in Milošev Konak showing the settings that show life in Serbia in the first half of the IXX century, the details of the royal family Obrenović and the second Serbian uprising that Miloš Obrenović led against the Turkish empire in 1815.

Walking along these green areas, as well as visiting the museum, may disturb you, but u should go to restaurant Milošev konak, which has a huge covered garden, quality food and a great selection of wines.

Walking along Knez Mihailova Street is something that no Belgrade tourists miss. Although not among the longest streets in the city, it is definitely the most famous in Belgrade, because it is a pedestrian zone with a large number of shops, cafes and restaurants which ends at the place where the Kalemegdan Park starts.

The park was named after the Kalemegdan Fortress, which is a symbol of Belgrade, which has existed since the 1st century, and was the medieval fortified capital of Serbian Despot country.

As for the night out, the outdoor club in the fortress is an excellent choice, and is located within the Kalemegdan Park. Night club in the open with guests of top DJs is an ideal place for fans of foreign music and electro, R’nB, and haus music. The most beautiful girls, a white light bar where friendly staff, made by the most diverse cocktails, will welcome you at this outdoor club.

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