Lasta night club increase the prices this season.


Unbelievable differences between purchasing and selling prices come because clubs and popular rafts are built into the price of drinks.
Going out to the city, club or some of the rafts for an average Serbian pocket is a “kick”. Prices of beverages are high, especially in the nighttime, and caterers are rubbing their hands with satisfaction because they make money on some beverages that cost ten times higher.

Lasta night club has increased the prices for this season!
That move could be very risky for their clients cause many of the clubs that decided to make that kind of move lost their clientele.

Why did Lasta make that move?
On the other hand, parties at the Lasta club are famous and there are stories to tell after party fusion during the next days … All the beautiful girls from Belgrade and from around the world go to this place! Numerous dj’s make you want to drink, dance, and party hard so maybe this move from Lasta.. can be forgiven.

Big amount of money is also thrown on alcoholic drinks and juices.

Perhaps most people can get out of balance from the fact that in some clubs one cocktail costs between 700 and 900 dinars.
An indispensable topic when it comes to price discussions are popular places to go out in Belgrade.

Popular places visited by Serbian youth are often subject to commentary, and in their focus are, of course, the prices of food and beverages.
Clubs and rafts are still full with their clientele. Cities in Belgrade’s most popular clubs and rafts must be booked one week earlier and even more if the hosting of a big star is announced.

However, these places are full every night, and your place is necessary to reserve for a few days, and in some cases a few weeks earlier.

Therefore, the guests are still there.. and there is no reason why the owner and management would lower the prices when they are selling their services without any problems at the moment.

The fact that prices are too high for some.. obviously does not mean they are too high for everyone. The pricing policy of the leading clubs in the capital obviously does not prevent young Belgraders from filling in the city’s most popular places every weekend.

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