Kosutnjak.. a serbian historical forest park


In the immediate vicinity of Topčider Park, the oldest park in Serbia and Milošev konak, the then residence of Obrenović is a park – forest “Košutnjak”.

As far as it is known, it is mentioned for the first time in the writings of 1831, when it comes to a very dense forest, predominantly oak. Immediately after the construction of Miloš’s convoy, Prince Miloš Obrenović raises the fence around the forest in order to protect itself and to cultivate the game in it. Then special guardians were hired. In the second half of the 19th century Kosutnjak became a rich hunting ground.

However, since 1903, Košutnjak is open to citizens. The fence was removed before World War I was removed, but unfortunately, since then, the symbol of this forest has disappeared.
It is interesting that Košutnjak had to become a center for ski jumping before the Second World War. In 1936 a 40 m high jumper was built, according to the project of engineer Stanko Bloudek. However, due to inadequate climatic conditions and insufficient interest, it was never used, and during World War II it was destroyed.

In this area there is a large number of historically significant places from the richer closer and further to the past. Certainly the most interesting, but rather forgotten two monuments to soldiers were killed in World War I in 1915. One, larger, than white marble is dedicated to Austro-Hungarian soldiers, and on the other it says “Here are the Serbian heroes here.” What makes them special is that they were both raised by the Austro-Hungarian Marshal von Makenzen, next to each other. Thirty-two meters from the Austro-Hungarian one is Serbian, erected in recognition of the great courage and dedication of thirty-six soldiers. Pope II calls on the Serbian army, who defended Košutnjak and Belgrade for two long nights from the attack of a more supremely superior enemy in the autumn of 1915.

Nearby is the Topčider cemetery, formed in the 19th century. His name is given to Topcider, but it is actually located on the slopes of Kosutnjak. In it is the chapel of Sv. Trifun, built in 1903. Southeast of the chapel is also a large obelisk above the tomb of the Duke Stevan Knićanin (1808 – 1855). Also close to this obelisk is the tomb of famous writer Isidora Sekulić. At the same cemetery there is a great friend of the Serbian people Dr Archiebald Rice, whose heart, according to his wishes, was buried at the top of Kajmakčalan.

Over there u will find restaurant Milosev Konak ..

The facility is located in an ambient protected area because it used to serve for the personal needs of Miloš Obrenović and in the last decades this restaurant was visited by the most eminent foreign and domestic figures.
The restaurant provides a superior service with a rich selection of national dishes and international cuisine, along with a rich selection of local and foreign drinks, both domestic and foreign guests.

Probably the most significant historical site in Kosutnjak is the place of the killing of Prince Mihail Obrenovic on June 10 (after the church calendar on May 29) in 1868 in the afternoon.
Living in the residence of Obrenovic, in nearby Topcider, Prince Mihajlo used to walk often to Kosutnjak. According to historical data from the trial of the assassins, he also did the same fatal on June 10, 1868, when Anka Konstantinović-Obrenović (daughter of Jevrem Obrenović, writer), Katarina (daughter of Anka), Tomanija (Anka’s mother), the ajutant Garashanin, and the servant Mita, visited the Hajdučka fountain, and then headed down a narrow path, into the southeast through a dense forest. At about 900 meters from the Hajdučka fountain, the assassins were waiting for them: Lazar Marić, Stanoje Rogić and Kosta Radovanović, and Djordje Radovanović was nearby. The Prince killed Kosta from the pistol, and Marić and Rogić fired at them. Anka was also killed. Katarina and Mita were wounded, as did Garashanin, while Tomania managed to save her in the forest. This event had far-reaching consequences for the historical situation in Serbia.

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