Kalemegdan, the most beautiful and largest park of Belgrade has many interesting things for everyone..


Although considered to be the new European city for entertainment, behind the famous Belgrade nightlife stands the capital city with a history that is constantly in the creative move..

Kalemegdan, the most beautiful and largest park of Belgrade has many interesting things for everyone..

All seven buildings in the Belgrade Fortress will be available again for visitors, and a new season will begin in the Dino Park ..

The natural-sized dinosaur park “Jura Adventure”, at the same location as in the previous years (at the Stambol Gate at the Belgrade Fortress), will welcome young ones eager adventures and new insights. More than 35 replicas, including movable reptiles from pre-history that release sounds, will be re-available for exploring, photographing and educating little ones.

Accompanied by the animators, the children will have fun and learn a lot about these great and exciting creatures and the time in which they lived. Apart from enjoying dinosaurs, “Jura Adventure” offers additional content (open-air playground, exploration and excavation of fossil remains). The park will be open daily from 10 to 20 hours, and during the season there will be numerous thematic workshops, lectures and performances. Ticket prices are the same as last year.

Tickets for seven buildings (Kula Nebojša, Large barrel warehouse, Bunker, Roman well, Kazamati, Clock tower and Stambol Gate) can be purchased at points of sale at the Belgrade Fortress, the Gallery Stambol Gate and Kula Nebojša.

As in the previous seasons, visitors to the “Belgrade Fortress” will be welcomed in each of the opened facilities, which will introduce them to the objects, historical circumstances and the reasons for their creation, as well as the setting that is in them.

The Clock Tower, the Roman Well, the Great Barrel Warehouse, the Military Bunker, the Kazamati Military Museum and the Stambol Gate are open daily from 11 to 19 hours, while the Kula Nebojsa runs from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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