Just for Soccer Fans

If you are a soccer fan and are to some extent familiar with European Football then you must have heard of Red Star Football Club from Belgrade.This Football Club has long lasting history, founded on March 4th 1945. Red Star Belgrade is one of the most successful football clubs in Serbia. Additionally, you must have heard about their supporters called Delije – which in Serbian generally signifies courageous, brave and strong young men. Find out more 

Delije is one of the most known sport club supporting groups in Europe, known for bringing an amazing atmosphere to the stadium, and cheering, chanting and singing. This is something you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Belgrade. If you wish to visit some of the matches or just have an amazing VIP tour of their stadium Marakana book here

Let us take you on a tour throughout the history of this amazing football club filled with funny stories and inside information. 

If you want to make some additional requests, or combine this tour with something else just contact us and we will make it happen. 

The best possible experience is if you get a chance to attend a football match while in Serbia.

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